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NoWitness @ Silk City Diner

DAUS Presents: Black and White Floors

Yesterday I got the opportunity to share the stage at Silk City Diner with some very talented individuals from all over the City of Brotherly Love. I would like to start off by saying that if you’ve been living in Philadelphia for some time, chances are you’ve ended up at Silk City sampling some of the finest libations the city has to offer. Well at least if its on tap (seriously try the double chocolate stout). What I have come to realize is most people who live within a mile radius of this local gem wouldn’t be able to hit it with a rock, let alone give a brotha good directions to it. One wrong turn and you’re at Sugar House Casino asking a valet to bum a light.
Upon arrival I was warmly greeted by the staff and shortly after by the host of the show, Mista Heard. After sound check and the ball got rolling I witnessed some of the best aspiring performing artists this city has to offer; from the soulful sounds Avery Shontae and Casual Encounters, to the raw verses of NoWitness, and even an acoustic rendition of Jay Z ‘s ‘99 Problems’ from Rachael Rota. Hell, even yours truly got a chance to rock the microphone. Check out some of the photos and videos yourself, it was definitely a night to remember. Peace, -KP

Casual Encounters

Decided to throw another one at ya’ll

So lately we, at the #LOUDLIVIN camp have taken quite a shine to the B-Boy community in our city and abroad. Last night we took another trip to The Most Ill, Most Raw, Most Authentic….The Gathering. This is what we found. -KP

#LOUD update

So it’s been quite a while since our last post. We’ve been coming up with some new projects, articles, and short stories to share with you all. Bear with us as we sharpen our focus and dig deeper into this culture that has us so enchanted. Today I will be releasing some video from some past events the family from Loudlivin Co has attended. Stay tuned.